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  • Cars have become the most widely used travel tool for people, and people are paying more and more attention to the comfort and safety of car seats. As a common car seat, group 23 booster seat also plays an indispensable role. So, let's take a closer look at what is group 23 booster seat?

  • With the development of the transportation industry in today's society, more and more people tend to buy cars as a means of travel. A car seat is a seat used when riding in a car. It not only provides a comfortable seat for the driver and passengers, but also provides a certain guarantee for their safety. Next, let’s take a closer look at what is group 123 car seat?

  • As the car has become the most widely used mode of travel for the public, car seats have also attracted more and more attention from car users. Car seats provide comfort and safety for passengers, so that passengers can sit comfortably while also getting a certain degree of safety protection. Group 123 car seat with ISOFIX, as a kind of car seat, plays a huge role in people's travel. Next, let us have a deep understanding of what is group 123 car seat with ISOFIX?

  • As we all know, cars are the most commonly used means of transportation in today's society, and they play an essential role in people's daily lives. The car seat is the most directly contacted part of the passenger. When choosing the car seat, the passenger will focus on comfort and safety. Group 3 booster seat, as one of the car seats, also plays an important role. So, let us have a deeper understanding of what is a group 3 booster seat?

  • A baby car seat is a protector which provides a comfortable car seat for a baby, complete with a conveniently located toy retaining tray-like area, which car seat automatically encloses the baby in a protective cocoon-like structure in the event of a crash to cushion the impact resulting therefrom and to protect the baby from flying glass and other debris. The car seat has a main member which defines a seat-like structure for receiving the baby in the sitting position and supporting the back thereof, with the seat-like structure having a top region and sides which extend forward somewhat around the baby to provide side protection thereto. A second, tray-like member is disposed of in front of the baby to define a region for conveniently holding toys and the like. The tray-like member extends to the baby's chest and abdomen, providing a padded tunnel-like region for passage of an automobile seat belt therethrough.

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