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 The function of the headrest adjustment handle (also known as the headrest adjustment button): adjust the height of the headrest to adapt to children of different heights.


 The role of the shoulder strap guide groove: When the height and weight of the child does not allow the use of the "five-point" installation on the child safety seat, the safety belt on the car needs to be used to fix the child, and the shoulder strap guides The slot is the path entrance of the seat belt.


 Safety buckle, shoulder strap, and shoulder strap protector: The function of the shoulder strap protector is to protect the small shoulders of children; the shoulder strap and safety buckle are the core components of the child safety seat to fix the child.


 Adjuster + adjustment strap function: adjust the length of the shoulder strap. (Misunderstanding reminder: Many people habitually think that the length of the shoulder strap is adjusted by pulling down the shoulder strap, but in fact the adjustment of the shoulder strap is realized by the adjuster + adjustment belt)

How to choose?

Choose a seat with reliable head protection

Head safety is very important. When choosing to buy a safety seat, you should try to choose EPS material with small particles and high density. There are two main types of fillings for child safety seats: EPS and EPP. There is no big difference between the two in terms of shock absorption, but from a visual point of view, EPP is bright, while EPS is matte, and the seat fabric You can see it after disassembling.

Five-point fixed accessoriesFive-point fixed accessories

The buckle of a child safety seat is a very important part. When choosing a child seat, the owner needs to repeatedly pull and check to see if it is easy to loosen and whether the gap in the joint is large. Among our common metal buckles, it is recommended to choose the overall buckle type. This kind of accessories has high cost and relatively better safety.

Try to avoid buying a child safety seat that can be used directly up to 12 years old

As we all know, there are many groups of child safety seats. In order to use them for a long time, many people will directly buy products from 9 months to 12 years old, but if the span is too large, the safety protection will be reduced. To know the classification of child safety seats, the most important basis is to classify them according to the weight of the child. If you really want to buy a safety seat from 9 months to 12 years old, you need to take your child to try it out. After the shoulder strap of the child safety seat is adjusted up and down, there is always a large gap between the child’s shoulders, or the head protection space is too large, you should give up choosing this one, or choose a suitable one for your own children’s age The seat section is more secure.

Selection of child car seat

In addition to the need to understand the structure and selection of child safety seats, another point is also very important, and that is the fabric of the seat. Quality-qualified fabrics have a great impact on children's touch and body feel. Let's talk about what you need to pay attention to when buying child safety seats.


Age segment:0 ~ 15 Months、0 ~ 4 years、9 months ~ 12 years、3years ~ 12 years、0 ~ 12 years

Child safety seats of the above age groups are currently in production, and users are welcome to consult and purchase.

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