Things to Consider When Renting a Car Safety Seat
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Things to Consider When Renting a Car Safety Seat

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Things to Consider When Renting a Car Safety Seat

When traveling with babies, toddlers and/or children, attempt to rent a car seat or booster seat that is most similar to the one you already own. Keep the following things in mind to ensure you choose the safest and most appropriate seat for your little one.

Be aware of how much space you have - If you are reserving a rental car at your destination location make sure there is enough room in the back seat to install the car seat you plan to rent. A large base may not fit in the back seat of a small car.

You will need to install the car seat yourself - All Quality Providers are required to provide customers with a car seat manual that includes installation instructions but are not allowed (due to liability reasons) to install a safety seat for a customer. Basic instructions are also typically printed on the car seat itself as a reminder/guide. Please always refer to the user manual to make sure the seat you are renting is properly installed. Ensure that the vehicle seat belt fits properly also. You can find a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) at NHTSA or TotSquad should you choose to have someone double check your installation.

Make sure you choose the correct size seat - Choosing the correct safety seat for baby’s height and age can get a bit confusing. In the above section, we outline the three main types of car seats and who they are best used for. Please also refer to your state (or the state you are traveling to) for laws and guidelines. Safe Ride 4 Kids is a great resource.

Car Seat Safety Tips for Babies, Toddlers & Big Kids

tip 1

Babies, toddlers and children should always be securely fastened in the back seat of a vehicle.

tip 2

Remove bulky clothing and/or coats before buckling to make sure the harness is secure.

tip 3

Keep baby safest by pulling the straps snug. A car seat is, in fact, a safety restraint!

tip 4

Always use a car seat, even when on vacation. Find your next destination location here.

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