The overview of R129 booster seat
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The overview of R129 booster seat

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As the car ownership is increasing, more and more children travel by car, but car seats and safety devices are not suitable for children's body size Chinese crew members have a large number of children die each year from traffic accidents, the most common in frontal impact form, the main reason is that the child safety seat utilization rate is low false use etc The child safety seat itself is too heavy and the binding path of the safety belt is not clear and inappropriate, so the equipping rate of the child safety seat in the car is very low, and the protection effect is very poor. So that R129 booster seat is the production in order to adapt to this trend.

Here is the content list:

  •  Why does the booster seat system have problems
  •  The performance of R129 booster seat

Why does the booster seat system have problems

For the booster seat system, the child restraint system is used as the heightening seat system for the high backrest after the child's weight reaches 15kg. When children reach the age of using the raised seat system, they often fasten the three-point seat belt 2 on their own, and parents do not often check the proper use of the seat belt. This is why the main problem with the path of the seat belt often occurs with children using the raised seat system: the seat belt is not placed on the shoulder and on one side over the armrest or both sides are placed on the armrest. The first problem is that children lack comfort due to the lack of seat belt guidance, so children find a way to keep the seat belt away from their neck to avoid friction. This is often reported to occur on a backless heighten cushion system or in combination with seat backrest misadjustment. It is often observed that the seat belt is placed under the arm (in rare cases behind the back) or deliberately placed away from the shoulder.

The performance of R129 booster seat

1) R129 booster seat increases the height of the child relative to the seat, usually about 100mm, which improves the Angle to make it more vertical, so in the collision, the safety bone is not easy to slide from the pelvis and slide to the capsule. It also reduces the likelihood of discomfort between the shoulder straps and the neck, which may cause the child to move away from the seat belt or tuck it under the arm of the road or behind the back.
2) R129 booster seat contains several features in order to improve the path of the child-related seat belt. Almost all elevated seats include a belt guide, and the belt 9 alters the position of the child bone salt related seat belt. In addition, most elevated seats also include features such as a strap guide ring under the headrest that controls the position of the shoulder harness.
3) R129 booster seat controls the child's posture by constraining a range of possible positions associated with the seat belt and allowing for a more comfortable posture than a vehicle seat without a raised cushion.

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