The introduction of All-in-One Child Car Seat
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The introduction of All-in-One Child Car Seat

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Over the past 40 years, there has been a worldwide focus on the safety of children in cars, and with it, different types of car child safety seats have been developed to protect child passengers of different heights and ages Even so, the death rate among children in traffic accidents is still high. According to the Ministry of Transport, the death rate among children in China is 2.5 times higher than in Europe. The main reason is the lack of necessary safety measures, namely the failure to install child safety seats In addition, according to the survey data, when a car accident, the death rate of children without child safety seats is eight times that of children with child safety seats, and in Korea, children under the age of 12 in the car, only 24 percent of the vehicles are equipped with child safety seats, compared with nearly 90 percent of the prevalence in Europe and the United States.

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  • The shortage of ordinary safety seats

  • The details of All-in-One child car seat

  • How to make the child sitting in the seat safely

The shortage of ordinary safety seats

Some domestic and foreign car companies have launched integrated child safety seats to solve this problem, the most common approach is to add a neck guard device on the basis of the existing adult seat, and raise the seat cushion, so that the adult seat as close as possible to the child ride. But there are still some limitations to this approach. It is in the adult seat directly installed u-shaped head support device, at the same time increased cushion children ride, the body package is general, and because the cushion according to the adult design, foam thickness is thinner than the independent child safety seat, comfort is not as good as the latter other models on the market, most also use similar solutions. So All-in-One Child car seat is needed.

The details of All-in-One child car seat

The All-in-One child safety seat is based on the ordinary rear seat, the head protection device armrest and other safety components into the integrated child safety seat deployment process only needs four steps: lift the cushion, lower the armrest, open the head protection device (ear piece), fasten the seat belt It is very convenient to use and can be stored when not in use without taking up extra space.

How to make the child sitting in the seat safely

1. Have your child sit with his/her back and bottom flat against the All-in-One child car seat.

2. Properly position the harness on your child. Harness straps should lie flat, not twisted, and be placed through the slots located at or above your child’s shoulders.

Some car seats require use of the top-most slot for the forward-facing position. These slots are reinforced to prevent the seat from failing in a crash. Read your car seat’s instruction manual carefully.

3. Buckle the harness and the chest clip, and tighten. The harness is snug enough when you cannot pinch any extra material at the shoulder.

Bulky clothing or heavy coats can prevent a snug harness fit. Always buckle the child in the seat first, and then place coats or blankets over the harness.

4. Place the chest clip at armpit level. This holds the harness straps in place on the child’s chest and shoulders.

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