The introduction of All-in-One Baby Car Seat
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The introduction of All-in-One Baby Car Seat

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Choosing the right car seat for your baby can be a daunting task--there really are hundreds of highly rated car seats from brands that parents love. There’s so much to take into consideration. Safety, of course — but also installation, size, weight, specific features, price, and how the car seat works with various travel systems. We recommend setting aside a few minutes while you’re expecting to explore which car seat is right for you. But now, All-in-One baby car seat has been developed, so that you can choose it.

Here is the content list:

  • The advantages of All-in-One baby car seat

  • Why All-in-One baby car seat is popular

  • How to install the All-in-One baby car seat

The advantages of All-in-One baby car seat

1. The invention has the advantages of stable structure, simple operation, scientific and reasonable design, short production cycle, and can better protect children;

2. By setting a symmetrical rotation is connected with the cavity of the two-way screw rod and set on the two-way screw rod worm gear and moving block is fixed on the side wall of the cavity motor motor drive end worm rotating connected in a plurality of moving block connecting rod and connecting rod connecting rod auxiliary seat seat on both sides of the rotating connection of multiple baffles The rotating block on the baffle is rotationally connected and the safety belt mounting block is fixed on the rotating block, which can be more simple and convenient to protect and fix children more stably.

Why All-in-One baby car seat is popular

First: no space in the car this car does not add a child safety seat in the back seat, reducing the space occupied in the car.

Second: open and fold the way is simple to use, just lift the seat cushion to open the children's armrest to fold the children's head protection device (ear piece) to fix the seat belt in four simple steps, no need to disassemble and carry, even if the mother alone with children travel, can also easily do.

How to install the All-in-One baby car seat

1. Move the seat to the back seat to be installed, because the child safety seat is fixed by the back seat safety belt, so the prerequisite of installation is that the back seat should have a seat belt! It is optional to place on the left or right side of the seat, and child safety seats can be provided with left and right mounting buckles.

2. Squeeze the child safety seat and the back seat as tightly as possible. This is to make the car seat and the back seat one.

3.Fixed child seat with a vehicle seat belts Said earlier, a child seat can be placed anywhere around in the back seat of position Now select the corresponding vehicle safety belt, car seat belts from children's seat in the back of the wear out Do not stay here to note that your seat belt allowance, try to cut in solid child seat is fixed on the seat At the same time should pay attention to, don't twist belt bending.

4. Adjust the tightness of the seat belt. Again, this step is to test the tightness between the two. After all, child seats are only effective if they are securely mounted to the vehicle.

5. Finally, adjust the Angle of the back of the seat (fine tuning) and the tightness of the seat belt according to the actual situation of the child. So far, child safety seats have been successfully installed.

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