Let us teach you what you do not know the car seat to ?
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Let us teach you what you do not know the car seat to ?

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Since that she was pregnant with the baby, of course, is one of the primary safety seat event.

Japanese researchers noted that when 10 kilograms of children at the speed of 40 kilometers in the car suffered a frontal collision, the power generated at the moment a child is 300 kg, then you child in her arms like shells, like to go forward, you how You may hold maintained it? Therefore, according to the survey, children under the age of 14 died mainly due to a car accident, and 61 percent because there is no seat belt or safety seat sit unused safety seats mortality is to use a child safety seat 8 times . The importance of child safety seats can be seen.

But the types of safety seats on the market too much, you can not easily cope with sloppy right? So how exactly can choose a suitable, comfortable and safe seat it?

Seat optional self-test, you know how much? A five-point harness safety seats, if not installed properly, the risk factor will be how? 2Isofix, Latch Interface better? Seat 3 of the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines specifically say what to buy? 4 How to choose the right safety seat? 5 safety seats which trusted brand? 6 safety seat price is different, in the end is a difference in where? 7 Front body care, five-point harness, whether the choice of which one? 8 car safety seats on which position the most appropriate?

The above problems can be found in the core of the interpretation of this article yet. So if you have doubts, you can directly Glance, to find safety seat buying guide.

Seat Classification

Currently marketed safety seat in accordance with a fixed manner to be divided into two categories: First, the belt anchorages, and second, isofix or latch fixed.

Seatbelt fixation

Seat belts fixed manner on the market is a major proportion, because we buy cars generally do not have any safety seat private interface. But from the perspective of safety performance, the use of child safety car seat belts fixed seat, if the use is not fixed correctly, but will sit on top of the baby bear a greater risk of injury. In principle this: a seat belt anchorages, if not strictly follow the correct installation properly installed, then the time of the accident, the safety seat will be in accordance with the inertia pop go, then pulled back. So this one to one to the baby's neck and head injuries will therefore receive injury.

Buy things easy to follow suit, safety seats too. But fear is sometimes blindly follow the trend.

Optional Car Seat must depend young children's weight and height to do the assessment, not only in Car Seat Plate age do basis. We buy safety seat is easy to overlook the fact that the purchase of safety seats is the best way to take the baby to a physical store to try to sit. If not reality, at least we want to own the car inside the baby's age and size have a basic understanding and accurate judgments. Seat prices are not the most important consideration, the price is high does not mean it is easy to install in your own car, it does not mean better security.

In general, as long as through security safety seat properly installed and used, its safety performance are similar, but the price difference is the difference in the comfort and versatility of the. On security, in fact, as long as the well-known brand, even if did not participate in the evaluation ADAC, even regardless of how the score, the safety factor is to achieve internationally recognized standards. The safety factor is higher, the absolute at the expense of a certain degree of comfort as a prerequisite. So how to strike a balance between safety and comfort, but also parents need to consider the following some quantitative factors:

1) models equipped cabin space and narrow or wide;

2) the number of households and the number of children need to acquire a safety seat;

3) child weight size, body fat or thin;

4) Parents of comfort and versatility of the request;

5) household budget expenses.

Impact on the safety seat certification authority has the EU ECE R44 / 03 certified American Standard JPMA / ASTM, Germany GS certification, JIS, Taiwan CNS 11497 certification. Europe, the United States as early as ten years ago began promoting the use of child safety seats, actively develop the various studies and strict norms, JIS in Japan and Taiwan CNS certification requirements are later reference only developed European countries down Therefore, by the EU and US standards of safety seats than through the security of Japan, Canada, or Taiwan certified safety seats come.

Therefore, the impact on the safety seat certification, the budding monarch recommended by the subject of the European standard and American safety seat. European brands of safety seats has mostly hit by EU safety tests, such as Maxi-Cosi, Recaro, Chicco, Britax-Roemer, Cybex like. And the US Department of brands such as Graco and so on.

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