An introduction of booster seat
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An introduction of booster seat

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Booster seat is a cushion specially designed to strengthen the safety of children's driving, which is used to pad the high child seat. The structure of the heightening pad is simpler than that of the child seat, and it is used with the safety belt. It is generally suitable for children between 4 and 12 years old or 22-26 kg in weight. It is recommended that children less than 4 years old do not use the heightening pad.

Here is the content list:

l The importance of booster seat

l How to install booster seat

The importance of booster seat

The booster seat is used with the child safety seat in 1978, Volvo car made the world's first child safety heighten cushion, Volvo is the earlier advocate in the child seat equipped with children heighten cushion car manufacturers, and to do a lot of work Volvo's survey, when children to 3 ~ 4 years old, after facing the drive way is the most safe for children After that, the child's neck is more strong, can face before driving, using standard adult seat belt and match with higher positioning seat belts Increased seat safety belt binding from the pelvis, stick a thigh, from the lowest won't arrive more than abdominal tissue Tighten belts and make it close to the body as much as possible, safety straps diagonally to stick the chest Safety straps and the neck does not affect the safety effect, if the belt clip or through from the back under the arm, no protective effect at the time of the accident In fact, children increased cushion is in order to better play a role of the protection of the adult seat belt The Volvo Accident Investigation Group has shown that the use of child-safety seat cushions reduces the risk by 60 percent.

How to install booster seat

Child safety pad, compared with the child seat, the price is cheap and the structure is simple. But it can also play the role of protecting children's driving safety. After the selection of children's safety pad, the correct installation is also very important. Consider the following steps:

First, Before installation, read the instructions carefully so as not to miss some important links.

Second, heighten the pad to be placed on the rear seat of the car, not installed in the passenger position.

Third, let the child sit on the booster seat , pull out the safety belt, let the upper end of the shoulder strap through the child's shoulder, the lower end through the lower end of the armrest of the heightening cushion, both ends of the abdominal belt should also pass through the lower end of the armrest, and finally buckle the safety buckle.

Fourth, After the installation of safety pad is completed, it is necessary to shake around the front and back forcefully to see whether it is firm. Check that seat belts are properly positioned and fastened.

Fifth, Pay attention to the children tied to the safety belt does not turn over and other circumstances, there is no correct fixed in the position of the children's shoulders.

Sixth, For the car seat with a heighten cushion, you can follow the following steps: 1. Remove the child seat back; 2. Remove the seat cushion of the child car seat; 3. Leave the heightening pad under the seat cushion and put it on the back seat. Fix it the same way as the ordinary children's safety heightening pad.

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