An introduction of baby car seat
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An introduction of baby car seat

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Safety seat refers to a seat attached to the car seat, is a binding protective role of the car accessories equipment, commonly known as the Safety seat child Safety seat, child car Safety seat and car protection seat, all refer to the Safety seat Is only for children to ride and can be in a car accident, binding children to protect the safety of children seat safety seat is mainly tailored to the body of children's protective equipment, its scientific and technological content and value by the manufacturer of different and different. For the safety of the baby's life, the baby car seat has been developed.

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l How a baby car seat works

l The mistake of using baby car seat

l Points to note in baby car seat

How a baby car seat works

Baby car seatuse accord with the characteristics of children's body shape of human body engineering, fully cooperate with the physiological characteristics of different age paragraph the children, make children particularly thoughtful and comfortable to sit on At the same time, the child safety seat in accordance with the principle of child psychology, using appropriate materials design and surrounding shape design, give the children a full and to be surrounded by a sense of security At the same time, the safety seat and pad up more than ten centimeters of the ride height, so that children's vision is more open, the vehicle journey will no longer be boring boring installation is simple and convenient, even the first contact with the child safety seat parents, can easily be installed within a few minutes; And the simple and clear buckle and adjusting fastening, more people can be adjusted at any time according to the characteristics of children's growth, providing great convenience for a variety of different types of child safety seats, provide a variety of different targeted appropriate services, users can choose the most suitable style according to their own needs.

The mistake of using baby car seat

Mistake 1: The baby faces forward in the car too early

Babies under one year old and weighing less than 9 kg must face back in the car. These two conditions must be met at the same time in order to allow the baby to ride facing forward. Sit your baby with your back facing forward. In the event of an accident, the hardest part of your baby's body, the back, will absorb the impact better than the other parts. If the baby faces forward, in the event of a tragedy, the baby's relatively heavy head will hit the ground first, and the underdeveloped spine will not be able to protect the spinal cord properly, threatening paralysis or death.

Mistake 2: Safety seat straps are not tight enough

When the seat is strapped into the seat belt of your car, grab the bottom of the seat and try to shake it forward and from side to side. If the swing is more than 2.5 centimeters, the seat is not strapped tight enough. You should kneel on the seat, put your weight on it, and fasten the seat belt as tightly as possible. Then lock the clasp of your seat belt -- a trick many parents overlook.

Mistake 3: Putting the car seat in the passenger seat

Babies are not allowed to ride shotgun until they are at least 13 years old. This is purely for safety reasons, as the person sitting in this seat is most likely to be hurt in the event of a crash.

Points to note in baby car seat

The newborn baby, the baby car seat must be used to ride back design, in order to avoid collision when the impact force is concentrated in the neck, the weight of the baby's head and body should be evenly distributed in the cradle, so that it can get natural support. The biggest advantage of using the baby basket is that it is safer for the baby when taking the car, because the mother holding the baby in the car is actually quite dangerous, in case of a traffic accident, the baby will be squeezed by the adult body, or it is easy to fly out of the seat belt gap. Some baby safety baskets are made up of two parts, a portable basket and a base. The base is firmly fixed to the back seat of the car, and the basket is clamped to the base. This method makes it safe to take the baby in the car, and easy to get on and off the car, just carry away.

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