An introduction of ISOFIX car seat
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An introduction of ISOFIX car seat

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ISOFIX refers to a child restraint system and a vehicle connection system, which includes two rigid connection points on the vehicle, two suitable rigid connection devices on the child restraint system, and a method of anti-overturning (such as the top restraint anti-overturning, support foot anti-overturning). It's a new standard for putting child seats in cars and it's being adopted by a lot of automakers. ISOFIX car seat is great production to protect children.

Here is the content list:

  •  The advantages of ISOFIX
  •  Some details about ISOFIX
  •  How to install ISOFIX car seat

The advantages of ISOFIX

The ISOFIX system concept is very simple: connect the ISOFIX fixing frame and the child car seat to complete the safety platform installation, ensuring the most safe and firm. Different platforms are suitable for different cars. The ISOFIX device can firmly connect the child car seat and the car together to provide a simpler and safer way of car seat installation.

Some details about ISOFIX

The ISOFIX interface device in the car is also classified according to the size of the child seat. According to the size of the child seat, it is divided into 7 levels. In general, the automobile manufacturer will produce car seats that accommodate all the ISOFIX size levels.
In addition, ISOFIX general and semi-general seats, only refers to the seat suitable for 0-18kg, about the use of children under 4 years of age. For other groups, only special ones can be used and can only be matched with individual models.
The interface on the normal vehicle is invisible. Before you can use it, you need an insert wizard.

How to install ISOFIX car seat

The installation of ISOFIX car seat is very simple, as long as the child safety seat ISOFIX interface is aligned with the seat reserved mouth, inserted into it, and finally the ground rod is supported up to complete the installation of the interface of the safety seat generally with 10 minutes can be completed, you can easily read the instructions Generally, two ISOFIX interfaces on the back and three LATCH interfaces on the top of the vehicle will be provided at the same time. Put the seat on the rear seat where you want to place it, release the three fixing devices for use, and connect the two ISOFIX interfaces at the bottom with the two ISOFIX interfaces on the left and right of the seat. When the ISOFIX is connected, the seat needs to be pressed down with the strength of the body, tightened the ISOFIX connection belt, and the seat is firmly fixed on the vehicle; When the ISOFIX interface is fixed, the top LATCH interface is removed and connected to the proprietary on-board LATCH interface, and the connecting belt is tightened. When the three interfaces are connected and fixed, finally check the horizontal detector on the side of the seat to ensure that all the balls are in the green area, then the seat is qualified for installation.

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