A basic introduction of child seat
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A basic introduction of child seat

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Many parents mistakenly believe that holding their children in their arms and sitting in the passenger seat is the safest way. In fact, parents who are eager to protect their children often underestimate the impact force of a vehicle collision. Children in the passenger seat are prone to be crushed by the air bag Shi Xiaoguang, president of China Toys and Baby Products Association, previously said in an interview that the correct use of child seats can effectively reduce the death rate of children in car accidents by 70%. When the car speed reaches 50km/h (the normal speed of city driving), a child weighing 40kg is equivalent to 1 ton of moving objects The impact of a child on a high-speed collision is equivalent to the weight of an elephant. To hold on to a child is equivalent to trying to save an adult who has fallen off a fourth floor.

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The function of child seat

The classification of child seat

The function of child seat

The seat belt on the car is designed according to the adult standard, which is suitable for the adult weighing 36kg and 140cm tall. If it is used by the baby, the seat belt will get stuck on the baby's neck, which will cause more harm to the baby in the event of accident.

The classification of child seat

Child seat refers to the seat for the baby, used for a variety of ways, mainly divided into three categories:

The first type of child safety seat is installed on the passenger car and the rear seat is fixed to protect the baby's safety in the process of driving the vehicle;

Classification of child seat

Generally speaking, child seats are divided into baby safety seats and child safety seats. From the perspective of use, they are generally divided into two kinds: ride and sit. Use a baby seat from birth until your baby is able to sit on his or her own. When your baby is able to sit on his or her own, switch to a regular child seat.

Specifically according to the types of fixed ways to distinguish, a total of three types:

European standard ISO FⅨ fixing method, American standard LATCH fixing method and safety belt fixing method.

Child seats are divided into four categories according to the age and weight of children

Category 1: For children from newborns to 15 months of age (or infants weighing between 2.2kg and 13kg)

Category 2: For newborns to 4 years of age (or children weighing between 2.2kg and 18kg)

Category 3: For children aged 1 to 12 years (or children weighing between 9kg and 36kg)

The second type of baby stroller is used for the baby to go out, convenient for parents to carry the baby and baby related supplies;

The third type of children's dining chair for the baby to use when eating, so that the baby posture fixed, and prevent the baby from falling.

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