The overview of I-Size child car seat
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The overview of I-Size child car seat

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With the increasing popularity of vehicles, driving safety has drawn much public attention, especially the protection measures for children, which cannot be ignored. I-SIZE standard is a new standard for safety seats launched by the European Union in recent years. It has put forward new requirements for children's seats, starting from the characteristics of children themselves, strict production of every component, and strive to seat only to achieve the maximum safety performance, it has been welcomed by the public.

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  •  The characteristic of I-SIZE child car seat
  •  The way of choosing I-SIZE child car seat
  •  The advantages of I-SIZE child car seat

The characteristic of I-SIZE child car seat

1 ISOFIX installation, reduce the risk of wrong installation;
2. Group the safety seats according to the height of children rather than their weight, so that parents can easily choose the appropriate safety seat;
3. The I-size safety seat can be fitted to all I-size Ready vehicles
4. Rear seat seating is required until the child is 15 months old (previously it was 9 months);

5. Raise the safety seat to protect against high impact from the front and side, and pay attention to the protection of children's head, neck and important organs.

The way of choosing I-SIZE child car seat

Many parents have trouble buying safety seats because they don't know whether to buy them according to their weight or their age, which can easily pose a great risk to their children in the event of a traffic accident. It turns out that grouping by weight is not the best choice at all For example, some children with a height of 145cm can be directly fixed with the car seat belt without using the safety seat. Taking the height as the reference value, the car seat belt is designed on the basis of the adult's height, and the seat belt shoulder strap is located at the shoulder position of the human body But the height of children below 145cm, the shoulder strap is in the neck, in the case of a sudden brake will tighten the neck, causing terrible injuries, so equipped with a safety seat is very important.

The advantages of I-SIZE child car seat

Albert i-size baby safety basket and Albert i-size base used together, can provide more solid and reliable protection for baby travel The base contains all the mechanical functions of the current ISOFIX base, abandoning the defects caused by the traditional structure design, easy to use, and can make travel more safe. The base has anti-error installation tips, which can minimize the risks caused by incorrect seat installation.
I-size child car seat has greatly improved the safety of children in the car, which makes up for the difficulties of younger children in the car. In recent years, consumers have become more trusting of such standard seats. They are also more likely to buy such seats in shopping, which is suit with the trend that paying attention to safety now.

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